Welcome to New Mexico Akita Rescue Group.  We are an Akita Rescue located primarily in Albuquerque; however, we provide Akita rescue services to all of New Mexico.  NM Akita Rescue Group has been in existence for more than 20 years, thanks to Sue Behling.  Her love of the breed and unwavering dedication to Akita rescue in New Mexico is our inspiration, and we are proud to dedicate this site to her.  Akita rescue has always been Sue's passion and we feel honored she entrusts us with this sacred mission.
NM Akita Rescue Group is a recognized Akita rescue group.  We adhere to the ethical standards of quality Akita rescues.  We work with shelters in the state to rescue deserving Akitas and we provide assistance for owner relinquishment.  We also work closely with our sister Akita rescues in the Southwest to find the right home for the right Akita.  All the members of NM Akita Rescue Group are also members of the Land of Enchantment Akita Club.The Akita is not a breed for everyone, and we strongly recommend that potential adopters research the breed carefully if they've never been owned by an Akita. 
 Good links to Akita information and other established Akita recsues can be found on our "About Akitas" page.

Contact us at  akita2s@comcast.net

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One Akita at a Time

New Mexico Akita Rescue Group